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Unveiling the Top Wedding Trends of 2024

It’s 2024 and that means there are many new sizzling trends to embrace in the wedding space. Though new trends are emerging, it doesn’t mean past trends are gone. Keep in mind that your wedding should be a genuine reflection of your dreams, and these trends are here to inspire, not to dictate your choices.


1)      Photo Opps:

Making a unique to you photo opportunity is still trending. Champagne towers, vintage cars, disposable/polaroid cameras, and sparkler exits can make your special day even more memorable. You’ll continue seeing these trends throughout 2024!


2)      Intimate Gatherings:

The trend of intimate and micro weddings is gaining momentum. Couples are choosing smaller guest lists to create more meaningful connections with their loved ones. Think quality over quantity!


3)      Outdoor Ceremonies:

Whether it’s a rustic venue nestled in the heart of the country or a serene garden space with draping Wisteria, outdoor ceremony spaces are all the rage. Couples are captivated by the romance of outdoor venues.


4)      Tech-Limited Weddings:

In an age where tech dominates almost every aspect of our lives, couples are opting to have limited technology at their wedding. Also considered “un-plugged” weddings, couples are wanting guests to keep cell phones in the car for a more connected experience.


5)      Smaller Wedding Party:

We’re seeing a trend to little or no wedding party. The idea is a greater focus on the couple getting married and their love. Sure, there may be a best man and maid of honor, but that’s about it these days.


6)      Sustainable and Local:

Sustainability is in! Locally sourced florals and food are top of the list for wedding trends. Consider renting decorations and stay away from things that will end up in the trash.


7)      Custom Cakes and Dessert:

Wedding cakes are obvious, right? But what about custom mini cupcakes, fresh baked donuts, churros, and rolled ice-cream? It ties back to having your special day customized to your vision and love story.


8)      Wow Moments:

Cold sparklers, epic dance routines, dramatic displays, and over-the-top food spreads all create the wow-factor in 2024.


Wedding Guest Audio Message
9)      Audio Guest Book:

The audio guest book is a fun alternative for guests to leave special messages. Jazz it up with some floral décor and you have a beautiful display for guest messages.


Ending Thoughts

Keep in mind your special day should reflect your vision and love story. Embrace the trends that complement your special day and just have fun!

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